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crawler will respect and obey commands ask jeeves "ask" it not to index all or part of a given URL. To ask jeeves ask jeeves the Ask crawler visit only pages whose paths begin with /public, include the following lines:# Allow only ask jeeves directoriesUser-agent: TeomaDisallow: /Allow: /publicQ: Where ask jeeves I put my robots.txt.

frames and includes their content as part of the original page. The ask jeeves crawler will not index the component ask jeeves as URLs themselves unless they are linked via HREF from other pages.Q: What types of links does the ask jeeves crawler follow?A: The Ask ask jeeves will follow HREF links, SRC ask jeeves and re-directs.Q. Does the Ask ask jeeves ask jeeves dynamic URLs?A. We include a select number of dynamic URLs in our ask jeeves ask jeeves they are screened to detect likely duplicates before downloading.Q: Why has the Ask crawler not visited my URL?A: If the Ask crawler ask jeeves not visited your URL, ask jeeves is because we did not discover any link to that URL from other pages (URLs) we ask jeeves Does Ask crawler support HTTP compression?A: Yes, it does. ask jeeves HTTP client and server should support this for the HTTP compression ask jeeves to work. When supported, it lets webservers send compressed documents (compressed using gzip or other formats) instead of the actual ask jeeves This would result in significant bandwidth savings for both the server and.

on the RES, and ask jeeves Robot Exclusion Protocol, please visit.

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